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Spice Trader

Peter, along with his friends Jemima and Patrick, are long time partygoers and recreational drug users. During one of their regular nights out, Patrick introduces the trio to "Spice", a new drug with some special properties. To their knowledge, it has no negative effects, isn't addictive, and can't be traced in the bloodstream. The trio wake up with nothing more than a hangover.

Several new laws are being proposed. Chief among them are rights of the police to harvest cell phone metadata, and the planned obscelescence of cash-based transactions. Can the three friends keep exploring this exciting new party drug? Or will the powers that be come down on when their data starts unravelling their story

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Available for preorder  for release on October 31, 2020.

Eleanor's Mind

Eleanor wakes up alone, in a near-featureless room with no windows or doors. A voice speaks to her from an unseen source: she's been in a car accident, and her mind has been transferred to a computer for safekeeping.

It's the first time the medical team has tried this. Can they keep her mind sane long enough to heal her body, and if so, can they reunite them?

Henry Neilsen's first ebook novella, available now for only A$1.99. Get it here:

Kindle Smashwords

NB: Eleanor's Mind is currently only available on Kindle until July 28 due to availability rights on Kindle Unlimited.

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