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Allow me to Introduce Myself...

I know, I know. This will be my second post that's made available on the blog, but who cares, it's my website so I can do as I damned well please. Introductions fall second to atmosphere, surely.

Welcome, to those who are reading, who I realise right now is basically my mum, fiancee and maybe someone who was looking for information on Henry VIII for a school assignment. I hope you enjoy your stay. This post is supposed to be a brief "info-gram", a bit of a rundown of what you should expect from this website, and from my writing and stories in general.

I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone at all to find that I've not got a clear intent with the use of this website. I don't necessarily think anyone does when they first start a project like this. There's a vague idea of ownership of some small corner of the internet that I find quite enticing, as well as it being a repository for all the writing I do, and any other projects I hare-brainedly embark upon.

If I was to give this website and blog a purpose outside of that, I think I'd like it to be a place where I could discuss my love of speculative storytelling with anyone who would listen to it. As we move into the uncertain future (and I'm writing this in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, so things are as uncertain as I've ever felt them be) I think conversations about the potential of what we as humanity are capable of are becoming more and more important. The progress we make as a species and as a growing repository of summed knowledge is both incredible and terrifying. Questions asked about what makes us human, what technological progress can bring, and how we can temper the unintended consequences of these things have to be asked.

I'm just a guy with a laptop. I'm not claiming to have any answers. I also adore technology, I'm not some luddite naysayer throwing shoes into the printing press bearing a "the end is nigh" placard. I think that in general, technology and the continuing advancement of humanity is for the good of all. I just think we have to be a little careful to make sure that we have contingencies in place to understand what might happen.

I feel that science fiction and speculative storytelling are a great lens for this. I hope that my work is at least entertaining, and if it leaves you with a question then all the better. My first novelette, Eleanor's Mind, is along the lines of what you're likely to see from me in the future; Scenarios not too far removed from the real world which should make us pause. They should make us wonder whether or not we've considered and understand as many of the consequences as we possibly can for our actions before we undertake them.

If that doesn't happen, I hope I can give you a cracking read, and that that my books and stories are as unputdownable as I can possibly make them.

I'm also considering turning my eyes to doing sci-fi book and movie reviews, and like every filthy millennial out there, a podcast may be in the works. I have the equipment, it's just whether or not I have the content. My next post is going to be talking more about Eleanor's Mind, where the idea came from, and what I found about the experience of putting out my first novelette.

I think that's enough rambling from me for the moment. I hope you enjoy your stay. I'll catch you around.

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